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Kayla Syfrett, MLFP

Jury Research Coordinator


Jury Research Coordinator Kayla Syfrett, MLFP precisely oversees the coordination and execution of jury research projects, including focus groups and mock trials, to ensure IMS clients receive accurate, actionable results that will inform their case strategies. From project preparation through post-test follow-ups, Kayla manages logistical requirements and client requests to ensure the project’s design will match the case goals while collaborating with a team of jury consultants to collect and analyze the data.

Prior to joining the litigation consulting team at IMS, Kayla gained strong experience in study design, data collection, and methodology for complex research projects. She is nationally certified by the American Association of Psychiatric Technicians and previously worked as a psychiatric technician at a naval hospital.

Kayla holds a BS in applied sociology from East Carolina University and a Master of Arts degree in legal and forensic psychology from UC Irvine. She also earned a post-graduate certificate in military and trauma counseling from East Carolina University. Kayla lives in San Antonio, TX, with her husband and enjoys getting involved in her community, reading, listening to true crime podcasts, and trying new foods.

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