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Administrative and Regulatory

Whether you are representing public bodies or private clients, IMS can provide case strategists, visual consultants, expert witnesses and presentation technicians that will enable you to succeed in any setting.

Regulate the outcome of your administrative case with expert dispute resolution support.

Navigating complex and ever-evolving government regulations is an increasing challenge in today's business landscape. Our seasoned team partners with the world's leading law firms to provide insights on industry-specific factors, regulatory interpretation, quantitative analysis, risk assessment and management, public policy and environmental assessments. Because communication strategies are especially crucial in administrative proceedings, we help you develop clear and compelling messaging when addressing intricate regulatory issues.

Of the several expert search firms I contacted for this search, there is no comparison as to the quality of service and results I received from IMS. They did excellent work.

Associate, Top 100 Firm

If you need support for strategy, graphics, or technology, nobody is better than IMS.

Shareholder, Top 100 Firm