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Graphics - Overview


Convert dry facts and figures into a compelling visual story that helps decision-makers support your claim.

Engaging decision-makers with strategic graphics.

From demonstrating a complex process to comparing patented technologies, visuals are key to reaching your audience and ensuring they understand your argument.

IMS offers far more than world-class graphics. We have extensive dispute resolution experience and sophisticated design techniques built on deep knowledge of how cases are won and how decision-makers such as judges and arbitrators learn. Our talented US and international teams provide trusted support from start to finish.

Depend on our visual communication experts to bring your claim to life.

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IMS’s ability to understand the critical issues and convey the answers simply and graphically is uncanny and highly effective. In short, they are "the best."

Top Attorney

I defend complex financial cases that need to be visually translated for judges and panels who are totally mystified by the facts. The team at IMS has always delivered understandable and compelling graphics. Just as importantly, their creative ideas have proven invaluable for my understanding of the case.

Litigator & Managing Partner

IMS partnered with us not only in creating graphics but also helped us present a convincing opening and closing presentation. Because the panel was able to firmly grasp the technical details of the defense case, it was able to make the right call.

Partner & Litigator