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Visual Advocacy

We partner with law firms and corporations worldwide to tell a powerful visual story in high-stakes disputes.

Bring your strategy to life.

Complex disputes require compelling graphics. At IMS, we specialise in turning dense technical and legal concepts into strategic visuals that have a major impact on how decision-makers such as judges and arbitrators see your case.

Our US and international visual advocacy teams bring invaluable experience to all litigation and arbitration genres. Whether you have a high-stakes matter requiring years of collaboration or need urgent project support, we help you focus on the critical details the audience will use to evaluate and retain your key facts – and ultimately support your argument.

Rely on our visual communication experts to develop a successful presentation using the tools that best suit your case.

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IMS’s ability to understand the critical issues and convey the answers simply and graphically is uncanny and highly effective. In short, they are "the best."

Top Attorney

The people at IMS think visually, which many lawyers cannot. Yet, they also understand the legal concepts as well as the most experienced lawyers do.

Top Criminal Defense Lawyer

I defend complex financial cases that need to be visually translated for judges and panels who are totally mystified by the facts. The team at IMS has always delivered understandable and compelling graphics. Just as importantly, their creative ideas have proven invaluable for my understanding of the case.

Litigator & Managing Partner

Having IMS help with preparation is like getting into a German luxury car. It is art and function in one. Many complex ideas are reduced to a few simple and understandable controls. This is the result of serious thought and focused creativity. I feel much safer with that kind of power at my disposal.

Partner & Litigator

IMS provided a top-notch, on-site team that worked very hard and long hours. Their support, creativity and quality of work product was outstanding throughout.

Partner, Top 200 Firm
Blue textured angles.


  • 30+ Years

  • 45,000+ Cases

  • 95% Repeat Client Business

Visual Advocacy Team

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