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Trusted expert relationships and a proven process.

IMS has been an industry leader in expert witness services for more than 30 years. We offer a full-service experience for the entirety of the expert engagement, so you can focus on what matters - sharing your expertise.

Unique Expert Opportunities

IMS specialises in connecting best-in-class experts with the top attorneys who need them. We provide an integrated suite of expert witness services, including a custom search process and a staff of experts in data science, finance, economics, statistics, and psychology.

We have the prerequisite experience, methods and in-house and independent resources that enable us to provide clients with preeminent experts who are uniquely suited to their needs and ready to deliver when it matters most. Our seamless support throughout the lifecycle of a case ensures a smooth engagement for all parties. In addition, our veteran graphic designers and trial technicians are available to collaborate with experts on the format and delivery of their reports for any proceeding.

Learn more about our expert witness offerings here or contact us below to get started.