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Industrial and Manufacturing

IMS has seen the gamut of claims that industrial and manufacturing companies face, and we have been working for decades to help the world's leading law firms obtain favourable outcomes in high-stakes disputes.

Make a strong argument in your industrial and manufacturing case.

Companies that make products have expansive roles and responsibilities – and significant exposure from all sides as a result. IMS has successfully aided leading law firms in their representation of a wide range of manufacturers in dispute resolution, including respirators, automobiles, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and heavy machinery, to mention a handful.

IMS quickly custom-matched the expert to our needs. Once engaged, their expert totally impressed me, my client and our opposition.

Partner, Top 100 Firm

IMS partnered with us not only in creating graphics but also helped us present a convincing opening and closing presentation. Because the panel was able to firmly grasp the technical details of the defense case, it was able to make the right call.

Partner & Litigator