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Presentation Technology

We combine technical and practical expertise with superior software to help lawyers deliver successful presentations in any setting.

Flawlessly execute your strategy.

Nothing ruins the impact of a carefully crafted argument like a sudden break in your flow.

With the most experienced technology consultants in the dispute resolution support industry, we add far more than simply technical support. We work in unison with your legal team to meet the tactical demands of high-stakes disputes.

We handle all aspects of preparing your evidence for presentation, so we understand how each fact and exhibit supports your case. Our expert trial technicians maintain your timing during proceedings, protect you from technology issues and adapt to changes without missing a beat.

Rely on our presentation technology consultants to enhance your team’s power and efficiency – and give you peace of mind.

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You want team partners who are smart, cool under pressure and a cut above the competition in delivery. IMS is strong in all phases of the game, and you will not go wrong with them.

Founder, Boutique Litigation Firm

IMS fully understands the demands of trial crunch time and I would not choose to work with any other outfit.

Senior Counsel, Top 50 Firm

Over the course of nearly three decades, I have worked with many firms. IMS is far and away the best. I cannot imagine trying a case without IMS as part of my team.

Senior Counsel, Top 50 Firm

Their technology consultant was able to quickly bring up documents and video clips and make last-second changes, which was critical since the judge imposed very strict time limits for the presentation of evidence.

Partner, Top 200 Firm

If you need support for strategy, graphics, or technology, nobody is better than IMS.

Shareholder, Top 100 Firm
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  • 30+ Years of Experience

  • 6,500+ Completed Trials

  • 95% Repeat Client Business

Presentation Technology Team

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