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Stephanie Bubel

Senior Technology Consultant

Stephanie Bubel, Senior Technology Consultant, creates powerful digital displays for the nation’s largest and most notable patent and trademark cases. She begins the design process by carefully studying case documents to obtain a thorough understanding of a legal matter. She goes on to carefully consider which mediums and design techniques will best convey a case’s themes and technical evidence. Stephanie’s careful and methodical approach to design ultimately enables her to transform complex fact patterns and technical information into easily understood and compelling visual presentations.

Stephanie has a record of helping litigators win cases. Patent and trademark cases for which she created graphics had a 100 percent win rate in the Eastern District of Texas, Marshall Division, for 2.5 years in a row, and before that, her cases had a two-year settlement streak. Significant patent and trademark cases on she has worked include ContentGuard Holdings v. AppleBoulle v. De Boulle Diamond & Jewelry, and Metaswitch v. Genband.

Stephanie earned a bachelor of science in architecture from Texas A&M University, and she minored in art, architectural history, and graphic design there as well. One semester of her studies was spent at Universität Bonn in Germany. She remarked that, because she did not speak German during her time abroad, she relied on illustrated signage to guide her travels. That experience impressed upon her the importance of clear and concise graphic design.

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