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Physical Models - Overview

Physical Models

Turn complex facts into 3D exhibits that can be experienced in a way no other media allows.

Bolstering your case with precise physical replicas.

When digital representations are inadequate or impractical, we rely on innovation to make your case. 3D models are effective at overcoming unique challenges and creating a desired experience.

Using the latest 3D printing methods, our highly capable team builds physical models that perfectly portray the form and function of intricate locations, processes and technology. We turn custom visuals into tangible objects that lawyers, judges, arbitrators, experts and witnesses can touch and examine.

Depend on our 3D modelling experts to deliver a powerful exhibit that adds weight to your claim.

Let's Get Started

IMS was a major factor in a multi-million-dollar verdict. We will use them on our next involved case for the advantage it gives us.

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