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Medical Demonstratives - Overview

Medical Illustration

Rely on medical illustrations to help decision-makers grasp unfamiliar medical concepts and make sure your opponent appreciates your commitment to the case arguments.

Illustrating the facts of your client’s medical case.

Medical demonstratives are valuable at any stage of dispute resolution. They are critical in explaining complicated procedures and conditions to judges and arbitrators who likely have limited medical knowledge – while helping to connect the dots of your case.

IMS partners with your legal team to define key arguments and develop medical visual presentations that effectively support them. Our experienced Certified Medical Illustrator provides strategic solutions and uses extensive in-house resources to deliver the best medical illustrations, medical animations, 3D medical imaging models and film exhibits, as well as custom graphics and timelines to meet your needs. Our collaborative process ensures you receive accurate, admissible evidence that complements your case strategy.

Depend on our medical illustration experts to help you tell a clear story in complex disputes.

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