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Life Sciences

Most adjudicators are not scientists or doctors. With unparalleled experience in life sciences disputes, IMS helps you clarify key arguments and communicate a strong case.

Illustrate the facts and create a strong strategy for your life sciences case.

An industry that only keeps growing, the life sciences are prime targets for high-risk, high-exposure patent litigation, contract and mass tort claims, class actions and group litigation. When arguing science-heavy cases, countering your opponent’s claim is often sidelined by the need to explain complex case facts and obscure terminology.

We deliver strategic consulting and expert support so you can bring intricate matters to life in the courtroom and achieve the most favourable outcome.

I will call IMS first every time - they always find the best experts.

Partner, Top 100 Firm

IMS’s ability to understand the critical issues and convey the answers simply and graphically is uncanny and highly effective. In short, they are "the best."

Top Attorney