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Energy and Natural Resources

IMS supports global law firms in connection with high-profile energy and natural resources disputes that capture the world’s attention.

Bring your closely watched case to life for decision-makers.

In an industry frequently subject to negative press and pre-existing biases, not to mention well-known monikers like "Big Oil", corporations may find the odds stacked against them in the courtroom.

Our consultants and expert witnesses have supported the most influential firms in high-stakes cases across the energy and natural resources industry, including contract disputes, health and personal injury, environmental contamination, erosion, mineral rights, underground trespass, and more.

They ask the hard/right questions about case themes. They prepare compelling visual aids and evidence. Simply put, IMS makes us better lawyers.

Litigator & Partner

IMS quickly custom-matched the expert to our needs. Once engaged, their expert totally impressed me, my client and our opposition.

Partner, Top 100 Firm