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We partner with leading lawyers to build, refine and deliver successful themes for high-stakes dispute resolution.

Position your complex case for an optimal outcome.

You need data-driven research and analytics to support your legal strategy with a compelling story. Our consultants leverage years of experience and careful analysis to identify your key themes and craft the most effective arguments.

We know that distilling your dispute into a clear story gives you an advantage. Our proven research strategies enable you to understand what motivates judges and arbitrators and design a thematic narrative that explains what happened, why they should care and why you should prevail.

Rely on our consulting team to bolster your strategy and gain the competitive edge.

Let's Get Started

They have unique skills and insights that go far beyond the abilities of even the most experienced of lawyers. I recommend IMS to any firm serious about winning cases.

Shareholder & Litigator

IMS was a major factor in a multi-million-dollar verdict. We will use them on our next involved case for the advantage it gives us.

Partner & Civil Litigator

I would not want to go to trial without IMS.

Partner, Top 50 Firm

IMS's process forces you to focus as a lawyer on your case. They have an innate common sense and the ability to see the case through the eyes of the panel.

Litigator, Top 100 Firm

They ask the hard/right questions about case themes. They prepare compelling visual aids and evidence. Simply put, IMS makes us better lawyers.

Litigator & Partner
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  • 30+ Years of Experience

  • 45,000+ Diverse Cases

  • 95% Repeat Client Business

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