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Product Liability and Toxic Tort

The world’s leading law firms call upon IMS, again and again to help them defend clients in high-profile and significant product liability and toxic tort disputes.

Protect reputations and mitigate damages in your product liability case.

In an area rife with massive “nuclear” verdicts, it is wise to enhance the power of your legal team with industry experts. IMS consultants and expert service providers have contributed to successful outcomes in thousands of product liability and toxic tort claims.

Our wealth of experience includes matters involving product liability and defective products related to pharmaceuticals, medical devices, various consumer goods and industrial equipment; exposures to pesticides, asbestos, lead, mould, industrial emissions and agricultural toxins; and accidents involving fires, explosions and transportation.

IMS's process forces you to focus as a lawyer on your case. They have an innate common sense and the ability to see the case through the eyes of the panel.

Litigator, Top 100 Firm

It is hard to believe that we could ever find another resume more on point than the expert IMS brought us.

Partner, Top 100 Firm