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Antitrust and Competition Law

Our full-service team is ready to help you and your client navigate any complex antitrust or competition law matter. From potential risk to private antitrust or competition claims or government involvement, IMS offers seamless assistance for any stage of your case.

Rely on our expertise to strengthen your antitrust or competition case from start to finish.

As new markets emerge, businesses grow and technologies evolve, antitrust and competition issues inevitably follow. IMS understands that technical dexterity and expert witness evidence play a critical role in defining relevant geographic and product markets, assessing damages and analysing pricing behaviour.

We have partnered with in-house counsel and law firms worldwide to secure favourable outcomes in thousands of high-stakes antitrust and competition matters. Our experience spans from M&A deals and joint ventures to investigations and IP licensing.

IMS was a major factor in a multi-million-dollar verdict. We will use them on our next involved case for the advantage it gives us.

Partner & Civil Litigator

It is hard to believe that we could ever find another resume more on point than the expert IMS brought us.

Partner, Top 100 Firm