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On-Site Support - Overview

On-Site Support

Multiply the power of your legal team and make sure your presentation is delivered with precision.

Delivering a seamless case when it matters most.

When your carefully crafted argument relies on a flawless presentation, you need technical experts in your corner.

Our technology consultants have a minimum of 10 years’ experience presenting evidence in high-profile situations, including hearings, trials and arbitrations. With proficiency in legal technology and procedures, we expertly manage your evidence, assist with run-throughs and address last-minute changes to ensure a smooth delivery. We work directly with court staff and opposing counsel to supplement presentation equipment and offer creative solutions to technical and logistical issues.

Trust our team to strategically present your case and show judges and arbitrators exactly what you want them to see, precisely when they need to see it.

Let's Get Started

Their technology consultant was able to quickly bring up documents and video clips and make last-second changes, which was critical since the judge imposed very strict time limits for the presentation of evidence.

Partner, Top 200 Firm

IMS fully understands the demands of trial crunch time and I would not choose to work with any other outfit.

Senior Counsel, Top 50 Firm

When the challenges of trial are upon us, our go-to is IMS. We have relied heavily on their assistance from start to finish. Their people work hard, and they "get it."

Partner, Top 100 Firm

On-Site Support Team