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Cat Wilson

Graphic Designer

Cat Wilson, Graphic Designer, is a versatile artisan who designs visual presentations for the nation’s leading trial attorneys. She possesses a keen ability to create powerful imagery that has maximum “sticking power” for jurors. That is, when trial presentations have concluded and deliberations have begun, the images continue to resonate in jurors’ minds.

In addition to being a graphic artist, Cat is also a skilled photographer. She is particularly adept at capturing scientific imagery and then transforming those images into clear and compelling graphic designs. In addition to creating visual displays for high-stakes intellectual property cases, Cat has created illustrations for Scientific American magazine and for 28 science textbooks for McGraw-Hill, Elsevier, and other publishers. She is also very skilled at transforming dry scientific or financial data into clear and compelling graphic displays.

Cat has volunteered at the American Museum of Natural History providing interactive experiences for children. She also volunteered with the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators where she coordinated presenters and workshop leaders for national conference programs. She has a bachelor of science degree in biology from Hendrix College in Arkansas, and after graduation, Cat was one of 15 students chosen to participate in a year-long, intensive post-baccalaureate science illustration program at University of California, Santa Cruz. Outside of the office, Cat works to protect the environment. She co-created a website to inform people of ways they can reduce their plastic use.

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