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Lydia Enge

Jury Research Coordinator


In order for IMS to provide attorneys with jury research results that benefit their trials, precision planning and execution is key. Lydia Enge, IMS Jury Research Coordinator, ensures that every jury research project, including focus groups and mock trials, operates flawlessly and efficiently. Specifically, Lydia oversees pre-project preparation, onsite and online operations, and post-test follow-up on conducted research. Her attentiveness to all aspects of the research combined with consultants’ diligent collection and analyses of resulting data produces strategic recommendations for attorney clients.

Lydia’s organizational skills were sharpened when she performed an internship with American Public Square at Jewell, a nonprofit, nonpartisan company located in Kansas City, Missouri. This organization offers events that encourage community members to take an active, informed, and engaged role in society’s most pressing issues. Lydia’s strong computer, written, and verbal skills contributed greatly to helping this organization achieve its goals.

Lydia received a BA in political science and communications from William Jewell College. While a student, she served as a resident director at the school and was a member of Alpha Lambda Delta honor society and Zau Tau Fraternity, an international women’s fraternity. She was also a thrower on its track & field team. Lydia resides in Kansas City and when not working, she enjoys trying out new restaurants and visiting museums.

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