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James Thomas

Trial Consultant

With over thirty years of experience in the legal field, IMS Trial Consultant James Thomas has directed and produced presentations, illustrations, and animations for hundreds of cases in most areas of law. He has worked with trial teams across the country and, in some instances, globally.

James’ attention to detail and technical understanding have helped him secure favorable verdicts across a wide area of law. From the early part of his career, when his work on the 1998 Cavalese cable car crash was broadcast on CNN, NBC, and 60 Minutes, to his more recent work, which has been heavily utilized in ongoing litigation for the Department of Defense, James understands the need to adapt to changing technologies. He has also started introducing immersive presentations to help the court understand complex ideas.

James has worked on several high-profile IP matters, including cases related to semiconductors, plasma displays, genetic engineering, drones, nuclear reactors, smartphones, tablets, and mainframe servers, to name a few. Outside BigPharma and emerging technologies, James has also been involved in several notable cases involving large settlements for accident victims and class action suits, such as a $41M settlement for a victim injured in a motorcycle accident and ongoing work for the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security.

James holds a BA in Communications from Seton Hall University. Upon graduation, he began teaching computer graphics and animation at his Alma Mater, writing his own class syllabus and designing course materials, some of which are still used today. Currently, James and his family enjoy living along the Connecticut shoreline.

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