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IMS Team Members to Attend USLAW Network Events in Arizona



We are proud to continue our partnership with USLAW Network and sponsor two upcoming events this week in Phoenix, AZ.

Over the two-day Litigation Academy hosted by USLAW, Senior Jury Consultant Marion Stampley Jr., JD and Jury Consultant Jennifer Cuculich, JD will each co-lead several sessions. The two will offer insights to outside counsel on best practices for engaging an expert witness, evaluating performance and credibility, and preparing witnesses for direct and cross-examination. More about the academy here.

On April 18-20, IMS team members Senior Director of Jury Consulting Sabrina Nordquist, JD and Global Solutions Advisor Alan Ritchie will join Marion and Jennifer to attend the Spring 2024 Client Conference. The event will focus on the practice areas of construction, insurance, retail and hospitality, and transportation. Our team looks forward to sharing their extensive courtroom experience in related cases with attendees. Click here to learn more about the prestigious event.

For nearly 10 years, IMS has been the official USLAW corporate partner of jury consulting and presentation technology services. Contact us today to learn how IMS can elevate your case and streamline your strategy.

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