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Dr. Keith Pounds Discusses Jury Deliberation on NewsNation



May 30, 2024

IMS Jury Consulting Advisor Keith Pounds, PhD appeared on NewsNation's Morning in America to discuss the final stages of the historic criminal trial involving former President Donald Trump.

During the interview with host Markie Martin, Keith drew on his nearly 20 years of litigation consulting experience to weigh in on jury deliberations in the trial. He noted that the presence of two lawyers on the jury suggested that the prosecution felt "very confident in their ability to meet their standard with regard to the law." Dr. Pounds also pointed out that other members of this jury have the potential to emerge as leaders during deliberations.

Keith discussed the potential long-term impacts on jurors involved in such a high-profile case. Reflecting on his extensive experience with mock juries and deliberation, he stated that "most juries focus on the task at hand and try to tune out distractions." He emphasized that once the trial concludes, jurors are free to discuss their experiences openly.

Watch the full live interview on YouTube.