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Melissa Gomez, PhD Engages with CNN & Law360 on Strategies for Trump Criminal Trial



April 15, 2024

IMS Senior Jury Consulting Advisor Dr. Melissa Gomez recently shared her expertise with prominent news outlets—CNN and Law360—shedding light on critical aspects of voir dire strategy in the criminal trial involving former President Trump.

On April 14, Dr. Gomez appeared on CNN with Wolf Blitzer to analyze jury selection in the historic event that begins today. She addressed critical challenges in jury seating, the anticipated focus of both trial teams during voir dire, and what stood out in the juror questionnaire. For the full conversation, click here.

In a feature by Rachel Scharf for Law360, Dr. Gomez emphasized the importance of identifying jurors who might "use this trial to have a stronger vote in the next presidential election." Dr. Gomez noted that the objective for both the prosecution and the defense is to recognize and strike jurors whose biases could potentially sway the trial's trajectory.

Furthermore, Dr. Gomez highlighted the significance of social media searches in the jury selection process. Trial teams can gain insights into potential jurors' political preferences by utilizing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and X. Dr. Gomez explained that discovering inconsistencies between a juror's public statements and their online activity could serve as grounds for exercising peremptory strikes. She stated, "Anything that's out there publicly is fair game." Read the full article with Law360 here.

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