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Dr. Jill Leibold Leads Safetyism Discussion at The Trial Network Event



We are privileged to sponsor the Trial Network and support the Sun, Surf, and Strategies conference, which will be held May 2-5 in Amelia Island, FL. Senior Director of Jury Consulting Sabrina Nordquist, JD and Senior Jury Consulting Advisor Jill Leibold, PhD will represent IMS at the event and look forward to connecting with attendees.

The four-day program promises industry insights on topics such as combatting the reptile theory, courtroom ethics, and the psychology of juries. On May 4, Dr. Leibold will lead a breakout discussion titled "The New Normal for Juries? Safetyism, Emotional Thinking, and High Damages." During this session, a panel will provide solutions for voir dire, jury selection, and themes to counter the risk of nuclear verdicts.

Dr. Leibold and Senior Jury Consultant Nick Polavin, PhD have conducted extensive research on this courtroom trend to analyze juror psychology and related thought fallacies. For their latest findings, browse their recent articles and podcast episodes:

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