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Melissa Gomez, PhD Joins CNN for the Second Time to Analyze Historic Criminal Trial



April 22, 2024

Renowned Senior Jury Consulting Advisor Melissa Gomez, PhD made her second appearance on CNN over the weekend to discuss the ongoing historic criminal trial involving former President Trump. Dr. Gomez, alongside CNN Newsroom host Fredricka Whitfield, provided insights on the importance of alternates, the psychology of jurors, and the benefits of a diverse jury.

During the interview, Dr. Gomez addressed the concern that jurors may feel extreme pressure given the case's high-profile nature. She commended Judge Juan Merchan's approach during voir dire, referencing his neutral opening statement providing jurors the opportunity to opt out if they believed they could not maintain impartiality. Dr. Gomez opined that these seated jurors have demonstrated their willingness and capacity to serve in the trial.

With six alternate jurors selected for the trial's duration, Dr. Gomez established that all six are just as crucial to the process as those who are currently seated. She stressed that the alternates have the same responsibility for maintaining the integrity of the trial, particularly in resisting external influences, as required of the 12 seated jurors.

Transitioning to the jury's diverse composition, comprising seven men and five women, Dr. Gomez highlighted the sophisticated nature of the panel and its unusual depth, including two lawyers. Moreover, Dr. Gomez emphasized the positive impact diversity can have within the jury, fostering robust discussion, collaboration, and compromise.

To watch the live interview, click here.