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Dr. Jill Leibold Presents on Safetyism at MSBA Civil Trial Law Update



IMS Senior Jury Consulting Advisor Jill Leibold, PhD will share her expertise on safetyism and jury trials at this annual Minnesota State Bar Association (MSBA) conference on April 11 from 8:45 am – 9:30 am CST. During her presentation, "The 'New Normal' of Jury Selection: Tribalism, Safetyism, and Conspiracies," Dr. Leibold will explain recent shifts in juror beliefs and offer strategies for trial lawyers to identify these attitudes during voir dire and de-select individuals likely to be biased against the case.

Dr. Leibold and her colleague Nick Polavin, PhD have conducted extensive research on the rise of safetyism and conspiracy thinking among today's jurors. Explore their valuable insights below:

The Rise of Safetyism Is Influencing Verdicts

A Strange New Litigation World: Safetyism, Plaintiff Verdicts, and High Damages

Who Needs Evidence? The Rise of Conspiracy-Minded Jurors

How Safetyism Is Driving High Plaintiff Verdicts | Episode 68

Overcoming Safetyism & the Plaintiff Media Machine | Episode 66

Safetyism & Jury Trials | Episode 61

The MSBA promotes excellence within the legal profession, provides valued resources to its members, and strives to improve the equal administration of justice for all. Learn more about the organization and the annual CLE event here.

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