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TFT-LCD Flat Panel Antitrust Litigation



This long-running case against multiple LCD makers alleged a wide-reaching conspiracy to fix prices on flat screen panels used in monitors, TVs, laptops and smart phones. IMS Consulting & Expert Services clients represented a class of direct purchaser plaintiffs, and the case proceeded to trial against the final remaining defendant, Toshiba Corp. This was one of the few antitrust class actions ever tried to a successful verdict.

Our Role

IMS Consulting & Expert Services worked closely with co-lead counsel Bruce Simon and Richard Heimann in a series of working meetings to define and refine trial strategy, themes and visual presentations. Over a four-month period, prior to and during trial, the IMS team collaboratively crafted hundreds of graphics for use in opening statement and closing arguments—in addition we worked closely with expert witnesses, developing their teaching slides, and preparing witness cross examination materials for attorneys.

Case Results

After a six-week trial, jurors needed little time to return a verdict against Defendant Toshiba, finding that they had conspired with other LCD makers to fix prices of flat screen panels. This resulted in a $261 million award against Toshiba.

Graphic Examples

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