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Dr. Nick Polavin Shares Jury Selection Insights at USLAW Network Forum



Senior Jury Consultant Nick Polavin, PhD will speak at the USLAW Network Medical Law Forum in Nashville, TN, on May 14 from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm CST. During his session Dr. Polavin will delve into the intricacies of jury selection, offering insights into the science of juror dynamics. Attendees can expect to participate in a mock voir dire exercise designed to demonstrate the implications of selecting one juror over another in shaping the outcome of a case.

Dr. Polavin has a strong jury research background, supporting more than 70 jury selections in his career. His interest in jurors’ information processing styles, biases, and how they determine damages led him to partner with IMS Senior Jury Consulting Advisor Dr. Jill Leibold to conduct extensive research on courtroom trends. Together, Drs. Polavin and Leibold explored the rise of safetyism and conspiracy thinking among today’s jurors and developed essential strategies to combat these thought fallacies. Learn more about their valuable insights below in recent articles and podcasts:

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