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IMS Celebrates the New Year with a Brand-New Name and Look!



PENSACOLA, FL | IMS Consulting & Expert Services is now IMS Legal Strategies. The award-winning professional services firm specializing in litigation consulting and expert witness placement announced today that it would usher in 2024 under a new name and corporate identity following tremendous growth. The new name is a decisive move designed to represent the diversified offerings IMS now provides to benefit clients following several acquisitions and to position the company for further expansion into different service lines within the legal industry.

Recent acquisitions include The Focal Point, Litigation Insights, Tsongas Litigation Consulting, Z-Axis, Precise, Inc.'s trial division, Analytic Focus, and MMG Jury Consulting.

"By taking a deliberate approach to this growth, we have created a unique tapestry of innovative professionals, technology, and methodologies. Together, our work enables lawyers to develop more comprehensive legal strategies than ever by integrating our expertise, visuals, and science. The name IMS Legal Strategies reflects the results we see when collaborating with our clients, especially when we are invited into the process early. It is exciting to witness how much our multi-layered support impacts a just outcome by ultimately empowering judges, arbitrators, and juries with a thorough understanding of the case. It is equally exciting to bring all these remarkable companies under one name and roof today," said IMS Chief Executive Officer James Crane.

As the industry's only fully integrated litigation consulting team, IMS is the leading provider of dispute resolution services across the entire lifecycle of complex disputes. Advisory services include expert witness placement, jury and trial consulting, visual advocacy, and presentation technology. To support the company's expansion, the IMS footprint now extends coast-to-coast in the US, with a foothold in the UK to offer its services worldwide.


About IMS Legal Strategies

IMS Legal Strategies is a professional services firm that partners with the most influential global law firms and corporations to elevate their legal strategies. Through every stage of dispute resolution, IMS provides the full suite of sophisticated advisory services lawyers need to prevail—world-class expert witness placement, specialized litigation consulting, cutting-edge visual advocacy, and flawless presentation delivery using state-of-the-art technology. Whether identifying expert witnesses from any industry and discipline, developing themes and demonstratives, preparing witnesses for depositions and hearings, conducting focus groups and mock trials, or guiding jury selection and voir dire, we work collaboratively with our law firm partners to strengthen their cases. IMS offers a fully integrated international team with decades of practical experience in more than 45,000 cases and 6,500 trials. Our trusted expertise is hard-earned. Together, we win. Visit for more.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 12, 2024

Press Contact: Lauren Fay | 877.838.8464