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Luxury in a Recession: Finding a Real Estate Expert



Economic recessions can provide relief to property buyers, but what do these downturns mean for property developers? Decreased demand for investment properties and reduced availability of funding from partners can close the door on new construction.

IMS Consulting & Expert Services was asked to find a real estate expert for a breach of contract dispute involving a real estate development company whose luxury condominium projects were impacted during the 2008 recession.

Primary Case Issue

The real estate development company was unable to secure sufficient funding for the completion of the luxury condominiums, and with several creditors seeking relief, they ultimately filed a bankruptcy petition. Our client represented the development company and sought an expert to provide industry knowledge and assess the property’s realized and potential value.

Expert Witness Requirements

  • Real estate broker specializing in sales of luxury condominiums, with authority to speak on best practices
  • 10+ years of experience, particularly in major urban cities
  • Able to speak to real estate valuations
  • Availability to begin work within three months of search initiation

Expert Witness Search

Our research team located 18 qualified brokers with experience in luxury real estate. An IMS recruiting consultant vetted the experts, and two expert profiles were sent to the client within five business days of the request for candidates.

Expert Witness Placement

The client selected an expert with more than 25 years of experience in valuation and sales of domestic and international real estate.

Case Results

This case settled.

IMS knows the subject matter authorities across every industry and discipline. No matter your specific needs, IMS will locate and deliver the best-aligned expert witness.

Let’s find your expert:

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