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Restructured Risk: Finding a Financial Investment Expert



Recessions are typically regarded as short periods of economic decline, but their impacts can be felt many years later. The Great Recession of 2007-2009 led to shifts in spending habits for individuals and businesses and spurred the amendment or implementation of legislation to encourage growth and provide more oversight of financial industry practices. Yet not all regulations applied in hindsight erased debt, and corporations looked for accountability.

Primary Case Issue

Our client represented a law firm that had advised their client, an economic development corporation, on bond issuance. The bond project was implemented at the beginning of the Great Recession, and the corporation struggled to fulfill its bond obligations when it failed to meet expected revenues. During review of their obligations, the corporation identified direction and opinions provided by the law firm that they argued were points of error, negligence, and misrepresentation. They proceeded to file suit for legal malpractice.

Our client sought an expert to determine whether the investors failed to manage their risk appropriately, particularly considering the circumstances of the global recession, and the benefits of restructuring such funds.

Expert Witness Requirements

  • Financial industry expert with experience in restructuring municipal bonds and hedge funds
  • Able to speak to bonds with distressed debt during the 2008 recession
  • Availability to complete a report within 15 business days of the initial expert request

Expert Witness Search

Our search team located 10 experts in the first two business days, and an IMS recruiter vetted the experts’ credentials and experience. Of the highly qualified experts, two were available to complete the expert report within the tight deadline. These profiles were sent to the client, and the first expert interview took place three business days after the initial request was received.

Expert Witness Placement

The client selected an expert with more than 25 years of experience in investment management, hedge funds, due diligence protocols, and risk management.

Case Results

This case settled.

IMS knows the subject matter authorities across every industry and discipline. No matter your specific needs, IMS will locate and deliver the best-aligned expert witness.

Let’s find your expert:

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