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Patent Spat: Finding an Expert in Human-Computer Interface



Point, click, double-click. When the computer screen cursor obeys our every command, it seems like magic. Computer wizards with expertise not in spells but in electronic technology made those cursor actions possible. IMS Consulting & Expert Services tracked down several computer experts who knew how navigation switches interact with electronics to enable the manipulation of a cursor on screen.

Primary Case Issue:

A global consumer product sales and marketing company was using and selling electronics with navigation switches that allegedly infringed on another company’s patent. The patent at the heart of the complaint pertained to the navigation switch that interfaced with electronics to allow screen cursors to be maneuvered.

Expert Witness Requirements:

  • Expertise in human computer interface with a background in electrical engineering and experience designing remote controls for audio-visual (A/V) devices
  • Knowledge of how a navigation switch interacts with electronics to manipulate a cursor on a screen
  • Ability to relay computer electronics information in language lay people understand

Experts Witness Search:

An internal research team submitted 11 potential experts within five business days. These expert candidates were pre-vetted by an IMS recruiter, and interestingly, the candidate first submitted was ultimately chosen.

Experts Witness Placement:

The chosen expert was the founder and president of a product engineering and consulting firm specializing in human computer interface. He had extensive knowledge of electronic technology, and in particular, had expertise in switch-based directional controls used in gaming controllers, A/V remote controls, and computer cursor controls. This expert graduated from a leading research technology institute with a BA in instrumentation, a special program for the study of computer-based control systems.

Case Results:

This case settled.

IMS knows the subject matter authorities across every industry and discipline. No matter your specific needs, IMS will locate and deliver the best-aligned expert witness.

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