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Beyond the Bio: A Spotlight on Olivia Lay & Wendy Swing


At IMS, we believe our people are our greatest asset. In honor of our incredible team, we are thrilled to go “beyond the bio” and share the personal stories of employees across our organization.

When the world’s top attorneys and law firms require subject matter expertise for complex legal matters, the IMS Expert Witness Services team performs a uniquely designed exhaustive search to quickly find experts that are perfectly matched to the client’s specifications. Associate Recruiter Olivia Lay and Expert Witness Scheduler Wendy Swing are newer members of this department who quickly made a big impact on their team and our trusted clients and expert partners. Read on to discover what brought Olivia and Wendy to the legal industry, what they enjoy most about their roles, and how they exemplify the IMS core values.

Olivia Lay, Associate Recruiter

Previously a mission coordinator for the Ohio Air National Guard, Olivia Lay brought a unique set of skills to the IMS Expert Witness Services team and has taken her role by storm. Colleagues frequently recognize Olivia for her efficiency, responsiveness, and willingness to go above and beyond, even when tasks may be outside her purview. She is a shining example of someone who “Honors the Relationship” with coworkers, experts, and clients alike.

Q: How and why did you get into this industry?

A: I was finishing up my contract with the Air Force and knew I wanted to pivot my career. When I discovered IMS and learned more about the company’s mission, I felt that it aligned perfectly with my interests and what I wanted my career path to look like.

Q: How did you find and why did you choose IMS?

A: A friend of mine was an employee with IMS and recommended the associate recruiter role to me. I knew this field was complex, but I was blown away by the integrity of the company.

Q: What do you like most about your specific department and/or role?

A: Our team is one of the best I have ever worked with. Every member of the team brings unique skills and is always beyond willing to lend a hand when needed. I have enjoyed learning something new with each search that comes through, and that is the unique privilege you get working in the Expert Witness Services department.

Q: What internal accomplishment are you most proud of?

A: I am so proud of the associate recruiter team for their continued flexibility and resilience. The team has demonstrated nothing short of professionalism when obstacles have come their way.

Q: Are there any stories/memories you’d like to share?

A: We received a search about an hour before everyone would normally be wrapping up for the day, and it had a very quick turnaround time. Immediately after we hung up with the attorney-client, our recruiter said she knew the perfect candidate for the job. We were able to contact, vet, and present him to the client the same day. The attorney was blown away by how quickly we were able to find someone for them, and we managed to get the expert interviewed and hired the very next day.

Q: What do you think sets IMS apart from competitors or other companies?

A: The team members treat every search assignment with individualized care and unique perspectives to find the best candidates. When you choose IMS, you can rest assured that your needs will be met with the highest standard of care by our team.

Q: How do the IMS core values align with your own?

A: When I first started as an associate recruiter, I printed off the core values and hung them above my desk as a reminder of what we all strive for daily. I appreciate working for a company that shares my core values and working with employees who have similar work ethics.

Q: What has been your favorite case to work on so far?

A: One of my very first search assignments was for an aircraft modification expert. My significant other and I both come from an aviation background, so it was very fun talking to experts who were so enthusiastic about the topic.

Wendy Swing, Expert Witness Scheduler

Wendy Swing made the transition from manufacturing and technology to the legal field when she joined the IMS Expert Witness Services team. With a diligent and collaborative nature, Wendy has created sturdy scheduling models that help her team to exceed internal goals as well as client expectations. Wendy is described by her colleagues as professional, attentive, and always willing to jump in. She demonstrates the IMS core value to “Operate as One” every day and supports her team with a commitment to excellence.

Q: How and why did you get into this industry?

Previously, I worked in the manufacturing and technology fields. When I was looking for a new position, it was more about the job, the people, and the culture in which I would be working. Learning about a new industry has been great and very interesting!

Q: How did you find and why did you choose IMS?

A: When I first found the job listing, I felt like every bullet point was written for me. The job seemed not only interesting, but I truly felt like it would be a great fit while being an extension of the current role that I already had. This is what I was looking for, along with a company that would want me to grow with them.

Q: What do you like most about your specific department and/or role?

A: There is so much I appreciate about my role and my department. The people and managers here are wonderful and so supportive! My role allows me to have freedom while working in a cooperative environment. This was a new position for Expert Witness Services, and I am enjoying working towards our collaborative goals every day.

Q: What internal accomplishment are you most proud of?

A: From the onset of this position, we have had goals of putting together a scheduling model that allows for intuitive assignments based on knowledge and trends. This includes the best-matched team members based on opportunity complexity and expert need type. We have also created new ways to track and analyze this data.

Q: What do you think sets IMS apart from competitors or other companies?

A: IMS has really embraced working remotely. Earlier in my career, I worked remotely for a very long time and wanted to get back to it. I feel that the way IMS operates, the staff is still connected and gets along so well—despite being remote—that you feel like you’re working face-to-face with your coworkers every day.

Q: How do the IMS core values align with your own?

A: IMS’ core values represent how I try to work every day. I recently read “The Ideal Team Player” by Patrick Lencioni. This book really shows how a company can put together a successful team, and IMS’ core values are at the center of it.

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We are honored to have Olivia and Wendy on the IMS team, and we are grateful for the opportunity to highlight the contributions they have made in such a short time. Thank you, Olivia and Wendy, for all you do to support colleagues, clients, and expert partners!

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