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Brianna Smith

Associate Jury Consultant


IMS Associate Jury Consultant Brianna Smith specializes in aiding senior consultants in court with jury selection. An expert in analyzing juror social media search results and applying them to risk profiles, Brianna plays a pivotal role in assisting counsel during the selection process. She has worked on several notable cases, including Bryant v. County of Los Angeles.  

As a gifted facilitator, Brianna frequently moderates mock trial groups as part of the esteemed IMS jury research team. Post-research, she brings valuable behavioral and social science perspectives to client debriefs and project analyses. She also lends her skills to an array of post-trial juror interviews as well as the planning and execution of shadow juries. 

Throughout her previous roles as Jury Research Coordinator and Jury Research Associate, Brianna studied full-time to obtain her master's degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology at the University of Central Missouri.  

Beyond her work at IMS, Brianna is a member of the American Society of Trial Consultants and serves on its Research Committee. 

Notable publications & presentations 

  • Delivers a bi-annual lecture called "Litigation Consulting 101" for students at the Blue Valley Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) in Overland Park, KS 
  • Donates her time with colleagues Dr. Merrie Jo Pitera and Robert Gerchen to demonstrate Jury Selection best practices for the Trial Academy for Missouri Organization of Defense Lawyers at MU School of Law  
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